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Nailbuster Menu/GUI Widget Library for GameMaker Studio


Version 1.4 Now ReleasedLiveDemo

If you were like me when I started with GMS, I found managing and coding a game Menu/GUI to be cumbersome and time consuming, and results were ‘ok’ .  So I’ve got around to writting a complete GUI Suite of components that takes all the pain away!  You need to download and try the sample project to see how simple it is to use this GUI framework.  No scripts to call, easy visual design within the room editor…and a defaults object to set the color scheme of your game.

The learning curve at first may seem slow, but once you ‘get-it’ then you’ll be able to throw together your Menu’s in no time and easy to change/manage in the future.  I’ve made two training videos already to give you an idea of how it works, and how easy it is to create a sample menu system.  That said,  you need to be comfortable with writing GML code to use this suite,  not an advanced GMS guru, but someone who is comfortable with writing a script for example. Please watch the youtube videos first so that you know where to start.

Goals of the library was to minimize # of objects to manage.   The sample project app actually only uses ONE object to control all the events from the components.  You actually don’t touch the widget objects, everything is done with properties created in the room editor(or in code)… great!  Even supports control events so when a state of a component has changed value or pressed you can execute some code.

Library comes with FULL GML SOURCE CODE,  this is not an GMStudio Extension that is complicated or ‘hides’ source.

Pure GML code, works with html5, android, windows, iOS  (haven’t testing wp,linux…should be ok though).

Click Here to see the HTML5 version of the sample app to get an idea of what you can do

Click Here to watch the youtube tutorial I made for Getting Started

Click Here to watch the youtube tutorial I made for Main Menu Sample

Current Components:

listbox,  checkgroup, checkbox, labels, textbox, button, image, panel, sliders, memo box,

horizontal scroll list, gauges, textart(animation/BAM!), editboxes, keyboard, dialogs, scores

Soon/Possible:  menus,  level manager

Price:  Free to use in non-commercial applications/games.  See readme.txt inside zip for full license.

Free to download and try in your commercial game/application, but you will require a commercial license if you choose to use in a commercial/monetized app.  Current Price is a one-time fee of $24.95 USD (no royalty fees and can be used within all of your apps/games).  See readme.txt inside zip for full license.

To Purchase the commercial license click here…..

Feel free to email if you have any questions.


Download NailBuster GUI Library version 1.4 for GameMaker Studio here.  (4 MB zip file)

What’s New in Release v1.4 (June 24, 2014)
Lots of changes in this release:

New Widgets!
ui_bubble : fun, easy, and very flexible pop-up bubbles…auto-scales, word-wraps, directional and auto-close on timeout…and more.

ui_dialog : a great way to add a ‘nice’ dialog to your game. Many features, auto-sizing, support for up to 4 custom buttons, checkbox and input labels for things like asking for username,password etc. See sample project for interactive demo.

ui_image : similar to button, but easier to use when you just want to display a sprite, but with all the NailBuster GUI features/animation support.

ui_label_score : a label that is used for displaying of scores, supports all sorts of nice animation support and changing the score will animate the numbers to the next value…fully customizable, see demo for sample.

and plenty more!  See the changelog.txt file inside zip file for full list!

Note:  The project was compiled using the latest Studio version,  not sure if it will import without issues from older builds….