ui CheckGroup

ui Checkgroup

Checkgroup widget is when you group a bunch of checkboxes into one widget. You can allow the user to select just one, or can select many. The checkgroup will automatically divide the number of items to evenly space out within the widgets room dimensions, so there’s no need for you to concern yourself with each items height.

to assign items you use the items[] array:


items[0]=’The first checkbox’; //string of checkbox
itemschecked[0]=0; //status of checkbox (one per each line!!);
items[1]=’The second checkbox’; //string of checkbox
itemschecked[1]=0; //status of checkbox (one per each line!!);
items[2]=’The last one checkbox’; //string of checkbox
itemschecked[2]=0; //status of checkbox (one per each line!!);


Property Description

uiMultiSelect=false; To configure multiselection, you set the uiMultiSelect=true/false variable.
itemindex = -1; (-1=no selection, or index of array of selection, 0 =first item)
To get the currently selected item from the checkbox group you use this variable. Doesn’t make sense to use this variable if it is a multi-selection checkgroup.
itemschecked[x] = 0/1 ; (1=checked,0=not checked) In a multi-select or single select checkgroup you can get(or set) the status of the checkbox for the line item (0=first item index).

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