ui ComboBox

ui Combobox

The combobox is a useful drop-down list widget. It will pop-up a choice window for the user to select a string. It does not support a scrolling drop-down list so it is best suited when there are a few options . It does automatically determine if the choice-list is shown upward or downward depending on the space left in the room. to assign items you use the items[] array;

uiTextValue=’Combo Box’;
items[0]=’Combo Line 1′;
items[1]=’Combo Line 2′;
items[2]=’Combo Line 3′;
items[3]=’Combo Line 4′;


Once the user selects from the drop down list then the string is copied into the uiTextValue of the parent combobox. So you can grab the combobox.uiTextValue to see what was selected, or you can get the itemindex that was selected using combobox.itemindex (0= first item). You can use the modified property to see if it was modified since the create. See demo project to see examples.


Property Description

itemindex = -1; (-1=no selection, or index of array of selection, 0=first item)
To get the currently selected item from the combobox you use this variable.
uiDrawLines=true; This will determine if you want lines drawn between lines on drop-down
uiDrawArrowUp=false; This will force the drop-down box to draw-upward.

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