ui Label

ui Label

Label widget that will display uiTextValue, by default it won’t draw a background, but you can set uiDrawBackground=true if you’d like.

uiTextValue=’NailBuster.com GUI Suite for GameMaker Studio’;


New in v1.4+ is the ability to draw mulit-line labels, shadows, outlines and even animations on the label widget. (see animation section for more info on animation)

Property Description

uiBackColor2=s_silver; color used for outlines and shadows.
uiAutoWrap=true; Will tell the widget weather to wordwrap the label if it doesn’t fit inside the defined area of the widget. Default is true;
uiLineSpacing = 1; If the label is multi-line this is the spacing between lines.
uiCenterWrap = true; This will center the label in the vertical axis;
uiDrawOutlines=0; Set the number of outlines to draw (0=off, 1=draw 1 outline thick, 2=draw 2 outlines)…(uses uiBackColor2) setting this too high will use up drawing speed!
uiDrawShadows=0; Set the number of shadows to draw (0=off, 1=draw 1 shadow, 2=draw 2 shadows)…(uses uiBackColor2) note setting this too high will use up drawing speed!
uiMemo=; If you want to set a large string to the label that will break/auto-word wrap then set uiMemo=’your long string’;

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