ui ListBox Horizontal

ui listbox horz

The listbox horizontal control is a useful list of items that are displayed to the user from left to right with scrolling and hilite ability. It is exactly like a listbox (vertical) but it is horizontal.See ui_listbox_ext, as almost all the properties apply to the horizontal version. The major difference is that listbox_horz supports an array of sprites[] as well as strings items[]. Like the normal listbox, you assign the strings to items[x], but you would also set the matching sprites[x] index..


items[0]=’The first Item’;
items[1]=’The second item’;
items[2]=’The last item’;

Another feature of the horizontal listbox is the ability to snap to center item. See demo project for example.

Property Description

uiSnapLeft=true; will snap the left item to the left of the widget (no left side clipping)….
uiLeftMargin=75; when snapping this is snap margin line
uiAutoSelect=true; will auto hilite the center item when using uiSnapLeft;

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