ui TextAni

Ui textani

This is a fun widget that allows you to animate, move, follow-path,type, simple text strings. It may change a lot as new types of animations are added. You need to see the text animation room in the sample project to see the available features. In general you add the ui_textani to the room and set the properties for animation and then set uiAnimated=true which will start the animation. Here are some sample properties to get you started:

uiTextValue=”this is Text in Motion”;
uiPath=path1; //you can set to an existing GMS path (see GMStudio paths)
uiPathSpeed=-10; //play with the value but a negative value will move left.


uiTextValue=”Game Over!”;
uiPathSpeed=0; //no path to move around
uiFading=0.5; //50% fading alternating
uiPulse=0.2; //40% pulse +20/-20 zoom
uiPulseSpeed= 0.05;
uiTextEffect=1; //this will affect each letter in string
0= no character effect
1=alternate characters
2=alternate words (space sep.)
3=typewriter effect.


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