ui Swipe

Ui swipe

This is an experimental widget that helps within menu GUIs. It will fire an event when a swipe is performed on the screen (mobile screen swipe). You just have to add a ui_swipe object to the room and set it’s uiEventObject. It will fire the user_event0 on the uiEventObject when it detects a swipe. In the user_event0 code you just need to see which property was found like this:

if other.SwipedLeft { do something}
else if other.SwipedRight {do something}
else if other.SwipedUp {do something}
else if other.SwipedDown {do something}

the only option is to set uiSwipeLength = 0.15; (15% of room width) You need to play around with this variable to see if it suits your needs.

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