This is for people who are not using the marketplace to get the library….
To add the Widget Library (first time) to an existing project do the following:

  1. create a font resource call font_ui (case and exact spelling is important). Setup this font, it will be the default font for the components. I suggest Arial/14 or 16 size. You can set custom fonts on each component as well but it will need a default font always.
  2. from this zip file go to the folder STEP1_AddFirst and drag the sprite file into your open project. Make sure you rename this sprite to “spr_ui” without quotes.
  3. Drag the defaults object from the STEP1_AddFrist folder into your project. no need to rename
  4. Go to the STEP2_AddSecond Folder and drag all object files into your open project…doesn’t matter what order and no renaming required.
  5. optional but nice is to create a group under objects in your project and drag the new objects into that group.

Updating your project to use a newer version of Widget Library

This is a little more complicated if there are new ui_widgets to add as well as update, you need to determine which files are new(from the update sub folder within zip) and drag/add those onto your existing project. Once you’ve added new widget objects you need to copy all files from the update sub folder and overwrite the files inside your projects objects folder. Make Backup of your project files first! Note the defaults object will get overwritten so you’ll need to set the defaults again on that object.

  1. copy all gmx files from within the update sub folder of the widget folder.
  2. with your project open in GM:Studio go to help/open project in explorer.
  3. click the objects sub folder
  4. paste and overwrite all files from 1.

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